FlashDLT game

This work is a remake of old game made in Delphi 3.0 about 12 years ago.
The work was made in a year (Dec-2009 – Dec-2010), and it's under the support until now.

Simple description. The project contains

  • Delphi preprocessor (Full DLT Tool) – converting old-styled lessons into new format, also the same too for dictionaries
  • Delphi editor (Tiny DLT Tool) – create new lessons in new format (including PDF processing)
  • Auto installer (Manager DLT tool = Delphi + InnoSetup scrips) – used by teacher's manager who coordinate the work between teachers
  • Set of Perl scripts – to update Moodle data directories with SCORM packages
  • Security encoding to protect data files from students who use it for learning process
  • FlashDLT – the game itself made in Flash CS4 (Action Script 3.0)
  • Custom Moodle reports (HTML and XLS) to track some extra data from FlashDLT
  • Desktop version of the same FlashDLT variant – useful for schools without internet connection

This work was aggregate a lot of technologies.

Here I want to describe some of them.

PDF to SWF solution

Since Flash 9.0 doesn't understand PDF – we use own convertor.

Highlighting zones solution

Smart renderer for 2-column text files

See the topic SmarText

InnoSetup replicate auto compiler

The goal: The examens under creation are moving between manager (main teacher) and other teachers. Every examen – set of files inside one directory. Therefore the best solution for main teacher is to pack all his files into the archive and send it to teachers. But since not all teachers know how to work with archives software – our program generate the autoinstaller itself.

The output is EXE file. Each teacher take it, install, and work. Very fast solution. InnoSetup is running as a Delphi batch.

How to avoid Moodle caching problem with SCORM packages

http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=135480 — well known problem.

Our solution is to update all 379 “imsmanifest.xml” files everytime when the 'update.cgi' script is running inside 'moodledata' directory.

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